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Pandemic sale

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Starting a Shipbroking Business and The Shipbrokerage Business Plan

Hi All
Both books are now available for general purchase.
(thanks to those who have already given me some great feedback)
For the time being both books are combined and will be sold as one book. Down the track I may split them up.

I think I have discussed the contents enough on the Virtual Shipbroker blog so those of you thinking of making the purchase please read all the available information and make an informed purchase decision.

A quick comment regarding the price. The price reflects a number of things.

1. There are two books

2. Starting a shipbroking business is different to wanting to be a shipbroker.
The costs, risk and determination needed are much greater.
Therefore the book is priced not for general consumption but for those truly interested in starting a business.

3. Anyone who purchases the book is able to contact me at any time for further clarifications. You cannot do this with a hard copy. I am more than happy to answer questions regarding peoples own specific situations.
4. Because of the nature of an e-book I am able to continually update the books should new information come to hand. Any updates are available for free to previous buyers.
I am sure you will find the information useful.

Table of contents
Book 1 - Starting a shipbroking business
Preface 3
Introduction 5
Why a shipbroking company? 6
Who should open one? 9
Types of shipbroking companies 12
The structure of a shipbroking company 14
The typical services of a shipbroking firm 16
Shipbroking companies; volume and revenues 19
Planning your shipbroking business 21
Mini Strategic Plan 22
Business Plan 24
Know Your Customer 27
Finding customers and finding counterparties 28
19 great ways to grow your contact list 31
Approaching, Securing and Keeping Customers 35
Top 10 Reasons a client will want to support you 36
Shipbroker Critical Success Factors 39
Keeping Clients 42
Shipbroker Business Start-up: Common Mistakes 43
Important trends 44
How to look bigger than you are 47
The Final Word 51
The Virtual Shipbrokers Spectrum of Success 51
Book 2 - Ship Brokerage Business Plan 52
Executive Summary 55
Company Summary 57
Services 60
Market Analysis 60
Strategy and Implementation 62
Management Summary 64
Financial plan 65
Keep rockin
The Virtual Shipbroker
I just bought 'Shipbroker fasttrack' and 'Starting a shipbroking business'. I must admit I was a bit sceptical paying an 'anonymous' blogger claiming to disclose all these so called 'secrets and inside info... but I was even more surprised about the level of information I got! It is without a doubt and by far the best I've ever read on the subject and believe me I read a few.I started my first shipbroking steps in 1994 supported with a book called Shipbroking and Chartering Practice (Business of Shipping) by Lars Gorton, Rolf Ihre, and Arne Sandevarn, which was (and still is) a very good starting point; but believe me what the Virtual Shipbroker brings you as readymade ready to eat shipbroking practice full of chunky goodness!!

VS thanks for sharing this information. I have printed both books out and they will always within reach in my desk!!
Keep up the good work.
Jean Paul (France) 

Monday, March 30, 2009

Inside Ship broking and Ship broker Fast Track.

Hi to all!

Inside Shipbroking and Shipbroking Fast Track are both ready to go!

Few points. Payment is via credit card and Paypal. Paypal is the largest and most secure payment system on the web. Check out their website if you have any issues. There will also be a security process for you to go through to stop unauthorised use of the E-book. I have allowed limited downloads of the E-book link plus a time frame for expiration - So my suggestion is once you have dowloaded it - print a hardcopy!

The file is a zipped Adobe Acrobat format.
The books can be purchased by clicking on the buy cart to your left
Here is the good part: once you finish the payment process you should be able to download the file(s) immediately.

For 'Inside Shipbroking' I have included below various testimonials and a brief outline of the Contents - so that you know exactly what you are getting before you press the purchase button.

For 'Shipbroking Fast Track' read the blurb below and then make your informed decision. Testimonials now available at the bottom!

Good Luck and Enjoy!

Virtual Shipbroker

Inside Shipbroking
Big Ships, Big Personalities, Big Money
Big Opportunity
Find out
The secrets to one of the worlds most glamorous and highest paid professions!
  • The biggest secret – low barriers to entry!
  • The inner workings of the International Bulk Shipping Markets!
  • How to enter the Bulk Shipping Industry in the quickest, cheapest and most effective manner.
  • Once in – Get the edge!
'Inside Shipbroking' Testimonials
A truly great guide about the shipping industry. Everything is very clear and easy to understand even for a complete newbie. Gives lots of information about areas of the industry that only someone who works in shipping would know and so it gives a great insight into all the possibilities that are available of which there are much more than I could ever have realised. A great read and can't wait for more!
Alex M.
Dear VS,
While researching job opportunities in the shipping industry, I became confused as to the services each company provides in the industry. To further research, I would often consult the companies' websites and would still be left wondering as to the nature of their business. I'm not sure some of them even know what they do; or at least they do a poor job of explaining it to the public. Your ebook helped tremendously by explaining in clear, simple English all the areas involving shipbroking, chartering, trading, as well as all the types of cargo and ships. Especially helpful was your description of Charterers on pp 19-20. Overall, clear and concise explanations of how the industry works are the strengths of the book and indeed are a valuable resource for the job hunter. It's very readable.
Thanks, Pete
Hello, Just read your book (pdf) cover to cover. I appreciate the advice, especially how to structure the career search. I am a New Yorker and in my circles I encounter mainly financial I-bank types (only a handful in the shipping industry). The advice in your book has helped me understand the best ways to approach the career/training program search.My interest in shipbrokering has developed over the past few years and most recently during my internship at a German freight forwarding company. I just stumbled across your blog today during class and purchased the book immediately when I got home.
Peter H. LynchThe McDonough School of Business Georgetown University
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Candidate, 2009
The book is just as VS promised: clear explanation of the shipbrokingindustry by the true insider. After reading you will know were tolook, whom to ask and more importantly what questions to ask. I'mlooking forward to read his training manual.
SincerelyKolega Kot.
"Thank you for your books, they were very interesting and fun to read not to mention exceptionally well written and realistic - the best information on the industry yet!"
Ex shipbroker Intern / Freight Market follower.
Hello Virtual Shipbroker. I have been a trainee shipbroker for 2 years and your book has helped me see how the industry fits together. It has also opened my eyes with regards to taking my career to the next level. I especially liked following the day of 'Orlando' the shipbroker - make me laugh. The Negotiation tips are great. Keep up the good work!
Lee W
Loved the book, gimme more please. Hopefully Fast Track will answer some of my more technical Questions. I also wanted your thoughts about woman in the industry. Look forward to hearing from you in your blog.
"Your e-books Inside Shipbroking and Shipbroker Fast Track are well worth buying and reading. I am currently enrolled in the ASBA Shipbroking & Chartering Practice course and found your books to fill in the blanks very nicely. Some practical info to go along with the legal aspects of the industry.
Don Divine
I just bought your e-book yesterday and finished it within a day. I must say the information and advice in the book is both enlightening and informative. After knowing more about the shipbroker's work scope, I feel that it bears a semblance to that of a property realtor especially in the dealing and wheeling aspect when negotiating and closing deals; albeit they deal with different products.
I especially like the part on "Getting in the door" where you emphasized the importance of "processes" to go about getting into the industry. It makes the job search way more methodical and resourceful(rather than just sending in the CV and hope for the best).
Anyway, I've started to utilize the information to enhance my job search. Naturally, more is definitely better. So I've decided to buy your training manual as well.
Adrian A
Hello!I am a 24 year old lady from Singapore. I chance upon your blog and I am very excited to learn about it. My interest in the Shipping industry has developed since my University days but since I pursued a Bachelor in Finance degree, I went with the crowd and landed in a US investment bank job. Finding your blog coincides with my interest to switch industry and pursue a career in the Shipping industry! I bought both your e-book and they are really helpful with my job search in the industry, especially 'Getting in the door' . You definately gave me tips on how to look for a shipbroker job more effeciently and effectively.
Thanks for publishing the wonderful book! Bring on more please
In an industry in which the method, ethics, history and folklore has traditionally been passed on by the 'old hands' this book is a great way for a new or aspiring entry to the world of shipbroking to get a invaluable insight into what is often a lifetime profession for those join. The book allows the reader to aquire knowledge which most take years to glean and accumulate. i commend the book and the author to all prospective (and current) shipbrokers and in an age when the written word has been condensed to SMS, MSN, Twitter it is a delight to find someone who has been prepared to take the time to enter into a serious dialogue about shipbroking



Introduction 6
Chapter 1: What exactly is the bulk shipping industry? 9
Chapter 2: The basics of the bulk shipping market 12
Freight derivatives 14
The Baltic Dry Index (BDI) 15
Chapter 3: Who is who in the zoo and how they turn a buck
The shipbroker 16
The ship owner 19
(Shipping Billionaires - The rich and infamous) 21
The Charterer 22
The ship operator / freight trader 22
Chapter 4: Why Shipbroking?
7 great reasons to be a shipbroker 24
Chapter 5: Insiders guide: Essential industry insights 28
Chapter 6: Getting in the door 33
Important personality attributes 34
Courses and Degrees 35
Direct Access 36
Hot strategies to enhance your employment prospects 50
Feeder Jobs: Getting through the side door 53
More important ‘lateral thinking’ employment tips 57
Chapter 7: Staying in the door 59
Surviving the first 2 years
Playing it Smart
Chapter 8: Essential Shipping Negotiation Skills 61
Chapter 9: You are in! Now climb that ladder! 65
Chapter 10: Trends and Opportunities 66
Bonus Chapter: A day in the life of a shipbroker 68

FinalWord: 72

"Shipbroker Fast Track"
Dear VS,I purchased Fast Track and read it. I liked it. Is Fast Track easy to understand? It didn't look that way in the beginning. I tried skipping around but that was difficult (unlike "inside shipbroking"). I wanted to start with the dialogues, but couldnt fully understand them without reading "essential concepts. "Even more so for the negotiations portion. But when I read from start to finish, it made sense and seems helpful. There's a necessary flow to it. "What part of Fast Track did you find most useful? The ship broker dialogues. They seem like they give valuable insight. Looking forward to more. Peter(Houston)
I've gone through your training manual. It's an excellent insight to the shipbroking industry. Good work! Adrian (Singapore)
Hi. As a trainee shipbroker I think your fast track is easy to understand. The shipbroker conversations are very realistic. I am looking forward to reading more. Peter (Athens)
The dialogues feel truely authentic. Congratulations! Emre Tuzer (Junior Broker - Istanbul)
Your e-books Inside Shipbroking and Shipbroker Fast Track are well worth buying and reading. I am currently enrolled in the ASBA Shipbroking & Chartering Practice course and found your books to fill in the blanks very nicely. Some practical info to go along with the legal aspects of the industry. Don Divine(Minneapolis)
Fast Track Blurb!
You have already read 'Inside Shipbroking' or you have a good understanding of the general shipping industry gained over a few years.
NOW its time to take your understanding to the next level.
Unique express learning technique
The Virtual Shipbroker has developed a ‘Fast Track’ four step plan to learning dry cargo ship broking essentials and the chartering language - at the same time!
Amongst other things this method includes ‘Essential Concepts’, Virtual Shipbroker Negotiations, and the unique ‘Shipbroker Dialogues’ which is a running dialogue of typical chartering conversations between dry cargo shipbrokers during the course of a day.
"Here is the 80 percent you need to know in order to hit the ground running. The rest is just details".
Why is it so cheap and relatively short at only 39 pages?
Think 80/20 rule or the KISS principal
Here is an insiders secret. Eighty percent of a ship brokers work is based on a core set of principals and processes. In my considered opinion, gained over 20 years in the industry, these essential elements should only take 20 percent of your time to absorb and understand. This understanding should be 'workable' in the real world.
You could bury yourself in shipping academic books and spend thousands on shipping courses, but the harsh truth is that most of that training will go in one ear and out the other. And your bank account will be many thousands less. Until you actually start working in the industry and applying those facts, all that preparation will more than likely mean nothing in terms of practical use.
I recognise that!
So what was my goal in writing this manual? To give you the essentials, at the cheapest possible price, for you to absorb and comprehend in the shortest possible time.
Key Question!
After reading "shipbroking Fast Track' will you be able to go into the markets and speak and act like a shipbroker with years of experience. YES and NO! No course or book will prepare you for immediate action BUT importantly "shipbroking Fast Track' will enable you to speak with some knowledage and on most things shipping. This is a great start!
Here is my Guarantee
If you have already read 'Inside Shipbroking' and you have now read and taken time to absorb 'shipbroker Fast Track' you will effectively have greater dry cargo shipbroking knowledge than 80 percent of the Shipping Industry. You are perfectly placed to hit the ground running.
(BTW - You will spend the next 20 years learning the remaining 20 percent! Then you can call yourself an expert).
So in conclusion Ship broker Fast Track will
  • Save you years in terms of training when you could be earning money.
  • Save thousands from your hip pocket.
  • Give you all the knowledge you need to start your career in shipbroking.
All for the price of a song!

Yours Sincerely
The Virtual Shipbroker

Wednesday, March 25, 2009